Aperture ValueF2.2
Color SpacesRGB
Components ConfigurationYCbCr
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
Date/Time Digitized2020:12:05 12:55:17
Date/Time Original2020:12:05 12:55:17
Exif Image Height1920 pixels
Exif Image Width1080 pixels
Exif Version2.20
Exposure Index330
Exposure Time0.05 sec
FlashFlash did not fire
FlashPix Version1.00
Focal Length4.76 mm
Gain ControlUnknown (5)
ISO Speed Ratings500
Resolution UnitInch
Shutter Speed Value1/19 sec
Sub-Sec Time657086
Sub-Sec Time Digitized657086
Sub-Sec Time Original657086
Thumbnail Data[22067 bytes of thumbnail data]
Thumbnail Length22067 bytes
Thumbnail Offset720 bytes
X Resolution72 dots per inch
Y Resolution72 dots per inch
YCbCr PositioningCenter of pixel array