Aperture ValueF2.2
Color SpacesRGB
Components ConfigurationYCbCr
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
Date/Time Digitized2020:09:08 08:48:30
Date/Time Original2020:09:08 08:48:30
Exif Image Height3120 pixels
Exif Image Width4160 pixels
Exif Version2.20
Exposure Index244
Exposure Time1/120 sec
FlashFlash did not fire, auto
FlashPix Version1.00
Focal Length3.51 mm
Gain ControlLow gain down
ISO Speed Ratings200
Resolution UnitInch
Shutter Speed Value1/119 sec
Sub-Sec Time811983
Sub-Sec Time Digitized811983
Sub-Sec Time Original811983
Thumbnail Data[60147 bytes of thumbnail data]
Thumbnail Length60147 bytes
Thumbnail Offset720 bytes
X Resolution72 dots per inch
Y Resolution72 dots per inch
YCbCr PositioningCenter of pixel array