Aperture ValueF5.7
Color SpacesRGB
Components ConfigurationYCbCr
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
Custom RenderedNormal process
Date/Time2019:01:20 20:51:09
Date/Time Digitized2019:01:19 17:12:00
Date/Time Original2019:01:19 17:12:00
Exif Image Height427 pixels
Exif Image Width640 pixels
Exif Version2.30
Exposure Bias Value0 EV
Exposure ModeAuto exposure
Exposure ProgramAperture priority
Exposure Time0.01 sec
FlashFlash did not fire, auto
FlashPix Version1.00
Focal Length51.0 mm
Focal Plane Resolution UnitInches
Focal Plane X Resolution447/2592000 inches
Focal Plane Y Resolution199/1152000 inches
ISO Speed Ratings400
Metering ModeSpot
ModelCanon EOS 650D
OrientationTop, left side (Horizontal / normal)
Resolution UnitInch
Scene Capture TypeStandard
Shutter Speed Value1/98 sec
SoftwareACDSee Pro 5
Sub-Sec Time133
Sub-Sec Time Digitized71
Sub-Sec Time Original71
Thumbnail Data[15423 bytes of thumbnail data]
Thumbnail Length15423 bytes
Thumbnail Offset8857 bytes
Unknown tag (0x8830)2
Unknown tag (0x8832)400
Unknown tag (0xa430)
Unknown tag (0xa431)148023003581
Unknown tag (0xa432)18/1 200/1 0/1 0/1
Unknown tag (0xa434)18-200mm
Unknown tag (0xa435)0000000000
User Comment
White BalanceAuto white balance
X Resolution72 dots per inch
Y Resolution72 dots per inch
YCbCr PositioningCenter of pixel array